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Guildwood Business Directory Important issues affecting Canadians

Guildwood Business Directory Important issues affecting Canadians

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Attn Canadians:

Please visit The Council of Canadians website and sign the petition to stop Energy East.

There is a desperate push by Big Oil to expand the tar sands further for EXPORT to lucrative international markets, including China, India, Europe and the United States.

Energy East has made no secret that it is first and foremost an export pipeline.

As the Globe and Mail reported, Big Oil and the Harper Conservatives have been in talks since 2012 on "how a pipeline east across Canada could help get Alberta's oil efficiently to the world market, paving the way for higher prices and the potential for expanded production."

TransCanada has applied to the National Energy Board to convert 40 year old gas pipelines into the largest tar sands pipeline ever built.

Renamed "Energy East" this old, steel pipeline would be extended to pump more than 1 million barrels of tar sands crude - per day. every day - from Alberta to export terminals in Quebec and Atlantic Canada... putting tens of thousands of families, farms, lakes and rivers along the route at direct risk of a catastrophic pipeline spill.

TransCanada says Energy East will cross 961 waterways. The true number affected of our precious Canadian lakes and rivers could be much higher.

TransCanada's plan is even more dangerous in light of a dire new warning from the UN's expert panel of climate scientists: there must be swift and decisive action to reduce fossil fuels or humanity will suffer "severe, widespread and irreversible impacts."

Keeping the pipeline flowing every hour, every day will mean a 39 per cent increase in tar sands production and generate at least 32 million tonnes of green house gas emissions. That amount of climate pollution is equal to doubling the number of cars in Ontario.

Tar sands dilbit sticks to everything it touches and sinks. Dilbit pipeline ruptures in Mayflower Arkansas and Kalamazoo have shown how impossible it is to clean up. The Kalamazoo River clean-up is entering it's fifth year and has cost more than a billion dollars - making it one of the longest and costliest oil spills in US history.

The Kalamazoo rupture leaked 4,000,000 litres of dilbit over 14 hours before the pipeline was shut off. Energy East would pump that much dilbit in 35 minutes.

When Stephen Harper rammed his 2012 omnibus bill through Parliament, environment safeguards and federal oversight were gutted, paving the way for quick approval of energy projects like Energy East.

To save money, TransCanada plans to repurpose their natural gas pipeline, some which is up to 40 years old. In 1974, thinner steel was used in some areas. In remote areas it could take longer before a rupture is noticed and the pumping is stopped.

If you heat your home with natural gas, prepare to pay a lot more if Energy East is approved. TransCanada's pipeline will no longer carry natural gas. Unless a new line is built, 3.6 million customers could see a 150% price increase.

TransCanada's terrible track record on pipeline ruptures includes five ruptures just this year. Please visit The Council of Canadians website and sign the petition to stop Energy East.

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